The Washington Post has joined independent voices calling for the drone attacks to cease in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. The strategy to eradicate terrorism that the paper has suggested is the one mainly relying on economic developments, while trying to make conditions for what it calls ‘stable and representative governments’. It is worrisome that the paper comments that although the US is winding up operation in Afghanistan, it is adding names to the Obama’s kill list, in fact ‘institutionalise’ it which has the backing of the CIA that is now urging the White House to expand the drone fleet as well. Since this means that Pakistan’s days of trouble will not be over even after the departure of the troops from Afghanistan Islamabad has to be cautious how the warfare has to be stopped.

The legal aspect that the paper talks about also has the Obama administration on the wrong side of the law; drones stand no chance of gaining any credibility so far as international law is concerned. International legal experts are now talking about war crimes as more and more reports indeed by US experts are making allegations of the overstated effectiveness of drone targeting. The aerial warfare and the toll of destruction that it brings, is an invitation to further hatred and increase in the number of Taliban sympathisers.