Governments generally have very clear guidelines as to who does what in their given capacity. The government does not allow anyone the arbitrariness to jump in and take over any position or case that they like. It is usually thought that a government is like a very disciplined and trained team of players, knowing their position as well as their goal, but in Pakistan the politicians sitting in different ministries are either not concerned with their ministries at all, such as the esteemed Minister for Railways, Mr Bilour and Chief Minister Raisani or they are unhampered like Minister for Interior Rehman Malik, who keeps playing Don Quixote slaying windmills all over the country.

He has no boundaries and is not restricted to his own Ministry. In the recent highlighted case of Malala Yousafzai, he was seen providing her medical facilities, one would ask, don’t we have a Minister for Health to deal with it? Where was the Minister for Health, had they had a fracas over who would come in front of the cameras to announce Malala’s progress from one hospital to another and her health? Such acts create a dissonance and discord in the general running of a country as well as exuding a sense of mismanagement. Rehman Malik has been seen giving comments and statements on all topics, except what are his own ministries relevant issues, such as trying to ensure that no foreign hand was involved in the shooting and finding the shooters? He accompanied Malala to UK (a free trip) and was seen giving information about the hospital and medical facilities provided to her.

It seems that he not only has a very strong backing but also a carte blanche, he is also appreciated for his interference rather than being reprimanded for overstepping his jurisdiction. He talks about the elections, electricity, trade or for that matter agriculture or foreign relations etc which has no relationship whatsoever with law and order. It seems Malik has a finger in every pie in Pakistan and still has done nothing to control the illegal entry of thousands of foreigners into Pakistan or the law and order situation in Karachi. He needs to learn what his position is and what his duties are. The new trend of closing down cellular service may have done wonders on one occasion but now the alleged terrorists know his trick and would have surely found other means of thwarting his smart move.

I would like to add that all the political figures in our country have done nothing to help Pakistan flourish or have a respectable standing in the world. Rehman Malik needs to mitigate on his actions and not jump whenever a camera is focused on anything. I sincerely wish and pray that from now on all ministers and other high-ranking officials, who have a say in our power corridor, must not cross their well defined responsibilities and limits so that any awkward situation can be avoided. It is better for our country if we all work in cordial and harmonious atmosphere and eliminate the chances of bitterness and animosity.


Kuwait, November 03.