CM Punjab was kind enough to build a flyover on Peshawar Road to ease the traffic going to Pir Wadhi. This flyover now allows for the free flow of intercity (Islamabad, Peshawar, Pindi) traffic. Regrettably, due to the current law and order situation the army and police have established a major check post at the Pindi end of the flyover and closed all the three lanes of traffic, one coming from Peshawar and two lanes coming from Pir Wadhi side on both sides thus blocking an eight flyover and making it into a two lane flow creating the same traffic jams as before.

The result in massive traffic jams on the whole flyover which not only creates problems but is very dangerous as the continuous weight could be more than the capacity for load the flyover can bear. The traffic is lined tail to nose while the weight is not evenly distributed but is concentrated at various sensitive points between the pillars. This is bound to lead to collapse one day, resulting in unimaginable loss of life on and below the flyover. I would like to suggest that the check post should be moved to some other point where it would not put undue pressure on the flyover.

These check posts have not shown great results and these can be eased as well. The people who make such decisions should take all risk factors into account when taking decisions.


Rawalpindi, November 1.