ISLAMABAD - The government would likely come up with some policy statement about the peace initiative with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, specifically in the backdrop of the recent US drone attacks in the tribal areas killing Hakimullah Mehsud, in National Assembly session summoned here on Monday (today).

Earlier, the federal cabinet will meet with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the chair in the morning. Federal Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan would give a detailed briefing to the cabinet members on the spade work being done for initiating peace talks with Taliban and on how the recent drone attacks had dented the whole exercise.

Sources in the government told The Nation that the cabinet would discuss the future course of action in the given situation and adopt a clear line on the unabated drone attacks.

Meanwhile, strongly condemning the ongoing drone attacks as blatant breach of the country’s sovereignty, the opposition parties in the Parliament, including PPP, PTI, PML-Q, ANP and PML-Z, would table motions in both the houses of the Parliament, demanding immediate cessation of drone attacks and urging the government to take up the issue with the US authorities in the strongest possible terms.

The government has already reacted strongly to the drone attacks and the US ambassador had been summoned to the Foreign Office to lodge protest over the attack which had caused severe setback to the peace efforts.

Sources in the government told The Nation that the government would likely take a strong position against the drone attacks and lodge a strong protest with the US government over this breach of the country’s sovereignty, especially when it was about to start dialogue with the militant groups to achieve lasting peace in the troubled areas.

Pakistan had termed the drone strikes as violation of the the country’s sovereignty and counter-productive to the peace efforts being made by the government. Sources further said the PML-N government would finalise its strategy over, and reaction to, the recent drone attacks in the light of the briefing to be given to the federal cabinet by the interior minister on Monday morning. On the same day in the afternoon, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif or the federal interior minister would likely come up with the the government’s reaction to the unabated drone attacks inside the Pakistani territory.

The sources further said the interior minister would likely meet with the heads of the parliamentary parties on Monday to take them into confidence on the government’s future strategy to deal with the post-drone attacks situation which resulted in the killing of the TTP chief on Thursday.