LAKKI MARWAT - Residents of Chunai Mastikhel have demanded the provincial government to set up a girls high school in the locality so as to enable female students to get secondary education near their homes.

Talking to this correspondent here on Sunday, Inamullah Khan and other elders said that over five thousand population of Chunai Mastikhel, Zer Janu and Wanda Ahmadkhel villages lacked female education facilities, as there was no girl's school in the area. They said that female students had no option other than to say goodbye to secondary education after passing grade five examination at local level.

"The poor villagers cannot afford to send their female students to the high and higher secondary schools in Lakki city and other towns," they maintained. They regretted that local politician did not pay any heed to the promotion of female education in the area.

They said that the establishment of high school at local level would enable the female students to get secondary education near their homes. They called upon the local MPA to use his influence to get sanction the project of setting up a girl's high school in Chunai Mastikhel village.

Teachers’ troubles: The primary schoolteachers on Sunday held a meeting here at a local school to discuss their problems and chalk out a strategy to bring their demands into the notice of higher functionaries of education department.

The meeting presided over by Jamil Ahmad Khan was attended by primary schoolteachers who possessed BA and B.Ed and higher educational qualifications.

On the occasion, Jamil Ahmad, Sifatullah Khan, Inayatur Rehman, Azizullah and Mamraiz said that high qualified primary schoolteachers had been kept deprived of their due right of promotion.

They said that primary schoolteachers who possessed BA and B.Ed and other higher qualifications should be promoted to BPS-17. Under the up-gradation and promotion policy of previous government, they said, teachers who had FA and BA qualifications were promoted to BPS-15 and were made head teachers of primary schools while those having higher qualifications were made subordinates to them.

They told that provincial government could achieve the goal of quality education and improved learning environment in the primary schools successfully by promoting primary schoolteachers to BPS-17 on the basis of possessing BA and B.Ed qualifications.

They also reiterated that teacher community would extend full cooperation towards the government to eliminate corruption and ensure implementation of merit policy in letter and spirit.