LAHORE - Lack of rains and gradual decrease in the mercury level has put the health of public at large, especially kids and elderly people at a greater risk of getting weather-related diseases.

With no significant rain-giving system is approaching the country in next 2-3 days, persistent dry and cold weather is likely to further increase the number of patients at public sector and private hospitals in the province. According to the experts, hundreds of people, majority of them kids and elderly people, are approaching hospitals on daily basis for the treatment of weather related diseases. They said that kids and elderly people are at greater risk of getting diseases due to less immunity and lack of measures to face the dry cold. They said that the kids who have not completed vaccination courses were not having immunity to face harsh weather conditions. They urged the parents to get their children vaccinated and give them balanced diet and fruits to save them from various diseases. They said that majority of elderly people were hospitalized due to arthritis, joint pain, fever and asthma. They said that the children were getting flu, cough and fever. They stressed the need of taking precautionary measures to save children and elderly people from getting weather related diseases.

Book on hospital management: Dr Ziauallah’s book titled ‘Hospital Administration and Management’ was launched on Sunday. Author of the book, presently working as Additional Medical Superintendent in Lahore General Hospital, has more than 20 years practical experience in hospital administration.

The author has included all the relevant aspects of hospital administration. Some newly emerging ideas have also been given due importance. The book provides guidelines to the hospital administrators to face the challenges of present day management issues and it serves as a practical guide for practicing hospital administrators and a text book for students of MHA and MPH.

There is hardly any book written by a Pakistan author on this topic which exhibits in its true sense the real challenges faced by the hospital administrators now a days.