LAHORE  - Increase in the supply of tractors is the need of the hour for mechanization of the agriculture sector and maximization of yield. Ibrahim Mughal of Agri Forum Pakistan, Farooq Bajwa of Farmers Associates Pakistan (FAP) and Hamid Malhi of Punjab Water Council told APP on Sunday the government must take initiatives to enable farmers get tractors at low rates so that small farmers could also have access to the most essential machine for farming.

Ibrahim Mughal said that Pakistan is far behind India in availability of tractors. “If we match per acre horse power of India, we require 800,000 more tractors”, he said.Production of 100,000 tractors each year will take eight years to match farm mechanization of India, he added.  Hamid Malhi said the government should launch the green tractor scheme again.

Farooq Bajwa said that reduction of taxes on tractors could be one of incentives of the government for reducing prices of tractors and increasing its supply.  “It is up to the policymakers what plan they make but the main object of increasing availability of tractors and bringing their rates to the reach of small land-holders should be achieved,” he said.