LAHORE - Thousands of preachers ditched for their mission – to spread Islam across the world – as the first phase of the annual Tablighi Ijtima (preaching congregation) concluded on Sunday morning with special prayers for unity and solidarity of the country, Muslim Ummah, and peace around the world.

Tablighi Jamaat Central Amir, Maulana Zubairul Hassan concluded the first phase of the three-day congregation with a grand prayer (Dua) on Sunday morning.

Hundreds of thousands participants prayed to the Almighty for forgiveness and provide asked for assistance in spreading Islam. Touching moments were witnessed during the grand prayer as many of the participants burst into tears while seeking for forgiveness.

While addressing the participants on the final day, Haji Abdul Wahab said that preaching of Islam is a part of our lives and it is also responsibility of all the Muslims to work hard for spreading Islam in the entire world.

“This (preaching of Islam) is the job of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and now it is the responsibility of all Muslims. Muslims will get respect and honour only by doing this work and if the Ummah (Muslims) left this work they would be disregarded,” said Haji Abdul Wahab. He further said that the success in this life and the life hereafter lies in preaching of Islam.

“We should always remain busy in seeking forgiveness of the Almighty besides thinking for spreading the religion and keep the Almighty in mind,” he added.

In his address India-based scholar Maulana Zubairul Hassan stressed upon the Muslims to continue preaching of Islam and spread this religion to all over the world.

During three days of the session, ulema from Pakistan and India called upon the Muslims to continue their efforts for educating the Muslims to follow Islam in their practical life in letter and spirit. They said the need for dissemination of Islamic teachings to the people was never so great. They said that avenge from enemy is a small thing but to forgive the enemy is the great job. They urged the Muslims to behave politely and respectfully with those who behave rudely.

“The fundamental job of a Muslim is to disseminate the teachings of Islam, continue this work on regular and tolerate all the hardships,” they added. The Muslims must work to spread the teachings of Islam among infidel and nonbelievers. The Muslims should also pray for the nonbelievers and infidels. The Muslims should work hard to ensure that all people start offering prayers five times a day, pay Zakat (charity), and join the mission of spreading Islam to all mankind, they said.

Haji Ahsan-ul-Haq, Mualana Muhammad Jameel, Maulana Tariq Jameel and Maulana Zubair-ul-Hassan addressed different sessions of the three day congregation and urged upon the Muslims to continue their efforts for educating the Muslims and nonbelievers to follow Islam in their practical life in letter and spirit.

Heavy police contingents were also deployed around the venue to maintain law and order situation. The police also set up special checkpoints to ensure snap-checking of the vehicles at the entry points.

Hundreds of stalls and food outlets were set up by different people for providing food and various other goods. Many of the food varieties were put on sale on subsidised rates for the participants.

The organisers made excellent arrangements of the moot to providing maximum facilities to people attending the congregation including uninterrupted supply of water and power. A good number of stalls were also set up in one corner of the congregation, where many items ranging from medicines to households and garments to vegetables were put on sale by individuals.

The management had marked separate parking lots for trucks, buses, motor cars, wagons, and two-wheelers. “Since the crowd was not unwieldy due to division of the congregation in two phases, traffic remained smooth after dispersal of the moot before noon,” reported a private news channel.

Caravans from Balochistan, Sindh, south Punjab and several other areas of the country as well as people from more than 50 countries attended the event.

Meanwhile, thousands of students from various educational institutions and Madrassas volunteered their services to make necessary arrangements at the venue. Hundreds of traffic policemen were also deployed on the roads leading towards the venue to ensure smooth flow of traffic and security of the parking lots. Like the previous years, the congregation has been divided into two phases and the first phase concluded on Saturday. Reportedly, the second phase would begin on November 7.

Lauded: Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Chaudhry Shafiq Ahmed on Sunday lauded the efforts of Lahore police for making foolproof security arrangements for annual congregation at the Raiwind. He also said that the police would have to perform its duty with more commitment and dedication under the present scenario. The CCPO also expressed the hope that the policemen would leave no stone unturned to maintain peace during the holy month of Muharam-ul-Haram.