KARACHI - Dozens of residents of Lyari have started migrating from affected parts of the town.

The gang war between that started last month killed at least 21 people, including gangsters and locals. The fresh spate of gang war between Baba Ladla led group and outlawed People’s Amn Committee headed by Uzair Baloch began on October 24 when Baloch’s men of trying to avoid arrests fled to areas dominated by Baba Ladla. 

Three innocent people were killed when members of Baba Ladla group opened fire on Baloch’s men thinking that they had come to attack them. It was not until 21 people got killed in three days of battle between gangsters and encounters with rangers and police did a truce between the two groups was achieved.  But despite the temporary ceasefire, outposts established by the two groups within their areas have engulfed residents of Singu Lane, Maula Madad Road, Kumhar Wara, Aath Chowk, Baghdadi, Chakiwara, Jhat Pat Market, Eidu Lane, Phool Patti Lane, Ahmed Shah Bukhari Road and Amn Park.  Estimates say around 300 families have so far moved out of Lyari. They believe that gang war between both the groups could start any time.  Early Sunday trade of fire between the two groups started again.

But law enforcers declined this incident, and said it was just a misunderstanding.

 “Both the groups resorted to firing after some members of Hindu community used some firecrackers on their religious festival of Diwali,” DSP Shakeel Ahmed said.