ISLAMABAD  - Chairman PTI and an iconic international cricketer Imran Khan has regretted the fact that corruption and patronage have destroyed cricket in Pakistan.

Imran Khan said in the world today Pakistan had the most cricketing talent available but the corrupt structures had prevented the realisation of this potential. He strongly criticised the corrupt cricketing set-up here, which allowed presidents and prime ministers to use professional positions as a means of furthering political patronage.

He demanded that the chairman PCB be elected rather than appointed as a political reward for services rendered to the corrupt leaders rather than on the basis of professional competency. He said that he fails to understand “why we cannot have a democratically elected chairman of PCB as happens elsewhere in the world.”

He emphasised the need to immediately have an elected chairman for PCB. “Until the cricketing structures in Pakistan are set right and are made immune to political patronage, all our talent will go to waste,” he warned.