Hawaii: NICOLE Scherzinger is planning to start writing music again - in a desperate bid to recover from her latest love split. The singer's romance with Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton has been on/off for some time. They split earlier this year, although he spent seven hours in her hotel room recently. Nicole apparently knows it's good for her work and wonders if she should be in the studio rather than starring as a judge on UK X Factor. "Nicole is starting to regret doing another series, especially after the problems in her personal life. She makes the best music when she's going through a tough time and would rather be writing songs than sitting on the judges' panel being sad," a source told Britain's Star magazine.

After seeing pop superstar Katy Perry perform on the X Factor, Nicole realized she wanted to start making music again - despite the fact her second solo album is on hold. "She was really inspired when Katy performed and couldn't help but feel a bit jealous. Nicole's problem is that she always puts 100 per cent into everything and when she took the X Factor, she knew it meant putting music on hold," the source added.–SS