MUNICH  - The volume of bilateral trade between Pakistan and Germany is expected to increase to Euro 3 billion in an year or two from the existing Euro 2 billion.  This was stated by Chairman of Pakistan German Business Forum (PGBF), Qazi Sajid Ali, after the conclusion of celebration of ‘Pakistan Days’ in Berlin and Munich.

He was confident that the successful holding of the event, attended by a 90-member delegation with representation of 70 companies from Pakistan, would also give a boost to the trade ties with Germany.

Eight memorandums of understanding (MoUs) have been signed between the Pakistani and German firms as a result of the Pakistan Day conferences in Berlin and Munich. As many as 25 German companies have shown interest to visit Pakistan and have some sort of affiliations with the Pakistani firms, the PGBF chief informed.

“Now a tempo has been created on both the sides- Pakistan and Germany, in the wake of investment conferences in Berlin and Munich, on October 30 and 31 respectively, organised for the first time”, the chief of PGBF remarked.

He was of the view that the Germans have for the first time listened to what Pakistanis are doing. “Our success stories of the German companies in Pakistan were also a part of the conference sessions,” he added.This, Qazi Sajid remarked, has created a good impression and a good image of Pakistan.

“We are going to establish a committee at the PGBF with representation from Pakistan as well as Germany for a regular follow up of the decision taken and the interest exhibited by the companies from the twe added.The PGBF chief also spoke of the support being extended by the German government, the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) and the Munich Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK).  He also lauded the role of the Ambassador of Germany to Pakistan Dr.  Cyrill Nunn, and the Consul General in Karachi, Tilo Klinner as well as that of the Pakistan Ambassador to Germany, Abdul Basit.  Qazi Sajid disclosed that there is a move to establish the German Pakistan Bilateral Chamber of Commerce which is very important especially for the country as well as economic development of Pakistan.  He was of the view that efforts are being undertaken to make it a reality by next year with its headquarter in Karachi.  An investment conference would be organised by the PGBF in Karachi towards the beginning of the next year and a good number of German companies are expected to attend.

An exhibition would also be arranged on the occasion to depict the industrial development attained by Pakistan as well as the investment opportunities. The PGBF would also prepare feasibility reports for various sectors for the potential investors from Germany.

Qazi Sajid was of the view that if we create a right kind of environment a number of German companies would be interested in setting up of their manufacturing, trading and warehousing  units in Pakistan.

He believed that potential is there in the automotive, manufacturing sector, agriculture, energy, pharmaceutical, health and nutrition, technology and machinery sectors etc.  Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company, Guenter Zwicki, said that his organisation would like to be a contributor for the development of energy infrastructure, healthcare as well as the industry in Pakistan. 

“We will now play our role even more intensively than we have done in the last few years”, he declared.

Guenter believed that there are a lot of positive signs and referred to the visit of the Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, at the Pakistan Day Conference held at Berlin.

About the role of his firm in Pakistan he commented that “We are there to stay. We are in Pakistan to stay”. Guenter dispelled the rumours that Siemens would quit Pakistan.

“Believe me this is not the case”, he made it clear. He said that for investment in Pakistan, the Siemens would look for the energy projects.