LAHORE  - Railway passengers of branch lines have demanded the administration of Pakistan Railways to increase the number of trains and attachment of sufficient bogies with trains.

Talking to APP here on Sunday, A Majid, President Daily Passengers Association (DPA), said that only three or four bogies were attached for passengers with trains on branch lines instead of approved composition.

He said that earlier 10 trains plied the Lahore-Narowal section but the previous government cut down the number of trains to just two, adding it was a vast area and road transport was insufficient for people.

He said that passengers including women and children suffered due to the unavailability of seats in the trains.  Shahid Mahmood, a passenger on the Narowal section, said that families could not travel because of overcrowded trains especially on weekends. He said that insufficient composition also caused crimes like pickpocketing.  He said that ticket examiners could not even check tickets of passengers due to over-loaded trains.  Rashid Mehmood, another passenger, said that only one passenger train 125-Up/ 126-Down was for the Lahore-Narowal-Sialkot section where almost 20 trains operated five years ago, adding that now the single train carries the passengers of 20 trains with just three coaches. 

He appealed to the PR administration to restore the closed trains and at least ensure the attachment of approved composition for the train.