A press release issued on Friday stated that the Punjab Emergency Service helped more than 47,000 people in emergencies by conducting thousands upon thousands of rescue operations across the province. The nature of the emergencies ranged from collapsing buildings, traffic accidents, medical emergencies, explosions, drowning and other critical operations. Additionally, the service amplifies its reach during certain occasions including Muharram-ul-Harram. The PES conducts operations throughout Punjab; Faisalabad, Rajanpur, Pakpattan, Layyah, Chakwal, Vehari are among the many places PES provides its rescuing assistance to. Given the security situation of the province and how unpredictable life is, PES or its more common name, Rescue 1122, plays a crucial role in protecting citizen life.

Rescue 1122 was initiated in 2006 under the Punjab Emergency Service Act and has been called the largest humanitarian service in Pakistan with an infrastructure in all 36 districts of Punjab. Officials working for the PES undergo stringent training in order to ensure that the team provides effective and timely help to those in need. Not only is training provided for fire fighting, but also investigations, water rescue, medical emergencies as well as saving people from confined spaces and other life-threatening situations. PES works to provide safeguarding services to the lives of at least 80 million people in Punjab.

The life-saving help made possible by the PES is highly commendable and deserves due credit for prioritizing the life of a citizen as the most important in the face of a list of endangering occurrences. Not only does the PES save lives but also offer valuable lessons on first aid and more. The country may not have many reliable services or concerned politicians who work tirelessly to care for citizens but PES is one entity that continues to – without fail – reach out to individuals in dire need of help.