Guinea : To get the Gabonese capital's residents to keep their city clean, artist Regis Divassa took action by spray-painting over soiled walls in a bid. "Gabonese men have a great habit, once they drink too much, they spray the walls," said the 34-year-old artist. Not only are hidden street corners used as make-shift toilets, even walls of residential homes are hit.

If it is understandable to go behind a tree in a rural setting where it might be hard to find a toilet, in Libreville, an urban city of about half a million people, the habit is causing anguish among residents. Eugenie Assoumou Mengue knows what it is like to live in a house which has walls that are regularly sprayed. "We're suffering, it's hellish. People come and urinate here and we get the smells that make us really sick," she said, indicating an area on her walls where cement was flaking off.