ISLAMABAD  - Although official probe into the suicide bombing at the Pakistan-India border crossing at Wagah continues, investigators are clueless about the purpose of terrorists to opt for such an unusual target.

There are important questions the investigators are focusing on. In addition to involvement of foreign hand/s, they are probing if it was a reprisal attack against Pakistan and a soft target was chosen, or whether motive of the attack was to send a message to Pakistan and nuclear rival India about terrorist threat Al-Qaeda and its affiliates are posing following the recent move to expand their operation within the South Asian region. Background discussions with security experts indicate the possibility that it could be a reaction to the militants being targeted and defeated by the security forces of Pakistan in North Waziristan and other FATA regions.

Leading defence analyst Lt General (retd) Talat Masood believes it was the reaction to the ongoing military operations in FATA. On the other hand, Dr. Hasan Askari says the security forces' focus on the Ashura threat might have made them take their eyes off the ball at Wagah.

"There was a lot of security for the Muharram processions so this place was the easiest target. Security forces have taken a lot of precautions, they are now looking for soft targets," he reckoned.

Still there are people who believe it was done by India arguing since Indian RAW was already involved in Pakistan's Balochistan it enjoyed good ties with Jundullah (the army of Allah) that also claimed responsibility of the Wagah bombing.

The concerns raised by former Interior Minister of PPP government Senator Rehman urging Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to inform the nation about Jandullah gives credence to the claim of those who believed that Wagah border suicide bombing was the handiwork of India and Jundullah.

The PPP Senator urged the government to immediately convene a joint session of parliament and share with lawmakers the information about the Jundullah militant organisation.

"The prime minister must call a joint session of parliament to disclose information about Jundullah and to tell people about it," he said in a statement which he issued to condemn the suicide bombing at Wagah border.

The Jundullah group was the first to take responsibility. It was followed by the Jamaatul Ahrar, the breakaway faction of the outlawed TTP as well as its Mahar Mehsud faction. Sources were of the view that Jundullah is actually trying to re-assert itself by claiming the responsibility with a specific purpose and that is to appease those militants being targeted by Pakistani security forces.

They believed this move aims at Jundullah's efforts to re-align itself with disbanded TTP to use it as a cover thus making it an uphill task for the investigators of Wagah border incident to come up with concrete clues about the real perpetrators.


There had been intelligence reports regarding a possible terror activity in Lahore and in the light of threats the Punjab police had deployed 30 additional personnel at different check posts in the city including the one at Wagah parade ground. However, there still are threats, it has been learnt.

The deployments were made after receiving another threatening letter by the Punjab government from the Ministry of Interior three days before the Wagah attack.  

In its letter, the Interior Ministry had warned the Punjab government of likely terror activity after intercepting telephone calls and SMS messages.

The sources told this scribe that Interior Ministry had issued two warning letters to Punjab government in the last week of last month and informed it that some terrorists from DAISH or from Taliban had entered Punjab and could carry out some terror activity in Lahore and other cities of the province.

In the second letter, the interior ministry had pointed out that a suicide bomber might have entered the city and asked the police to make special security arrangements for Wagah border areas, the said.

According to the details, the intelligence reports said that the terrorists might enter in the guise of Tableeghi Jamaat and might hit the congregation during the first session, November 6 to 9 or during the second session which would take place from November 13 to 16. DIG Operations Lahore Dr. Haider Ashraf confirmed while talking to this scribe that 20 additional personnel were deployed at sensitive points including the Wagah border post.

While sharing details, he said that the Wagah check post was at a distance of 2 km from the parade ground and falls under the domain of Rangers.