Islamabad - Islamabad police have arrested 1,608 criminals for their alleged involvement in murder, car theft, burglary and dacoity incidents during the ongoing year, besides recovery of looted items worth Rs 321 million from their possession, a police spokesman said yesterday.

He said following the directions from Minister for Interior Ch Nisar Ali Khan to enhance policing measures in the city for ensuring protection to the lives and property of the citizens, Islamabad police made special efforts to curb activities of anti-social elements and achieved significant success. During all these efforts, Islamabad police achieved remarkable success during the ongoing year and arrested 1,608 persons for their alleged involvement in criminal cases.

According to the police spokesman, the performance of all police stations remained satisfactory and crime rate also declined in the year. A total of 838 criminals of 298 gangs were nabbed while 849 proclaimed offenders were also arrested.

During the current year, 114 persons were nabbed for their alleged involvement in murder cases while 45 alleged killers were apprehended for being involved in blind murders. In all, 697 dacoits involved in 331 cases were arrested, besides recovery of looted items worth Rs 90 million from them while 543 accused of burglary cases involved in 368 cases were nabbed and police recovered valuables worth Rs 68.6 million from them.

During the period, 330 car thieves and snatchers were nabbed and 167 vehicles and 89 motorbikes were recovered from them. A total of 170 tampered vehicles were recovered while 397 proclaimed offenders and 449 courts absconders were also nabbed.

Meanwhile, a 19-year-old boy Hasan son of Gulfafraz was hit by an unidentified van near Khanna Pul. He died on the spot.