BAHAWALNAGAR - Sixteen newly elected chairmen, vice chairmen and two councillors of NA-188 have announced to join the PML-N on the invitation of a lawmaker from the political party.

The 16 independent chairman and vice-chairman reposed trust in the PML-N leadership. On the occasion, MNA Syed Asghar Shah said that the country was passing through critical juncture, and added that only Sharifs leadership could face the challenges and take the country out of crises.

Meanwhile, Qalandar Shah vowed to work for the betterment of the country under the leadership of Sharifs. He further said that being political worker they should work for strengthening democracy, which is only the panacea to nation’s problems. They include Syed Qalandar Hussnain Shah of UC-34 Toba Qalandar Shah, Syed Asif Asghar Shah of UC-5 Said Ali, Syed Aftab Raza Shah of UC-4 Fidai Shah, Pir Muhammad Hassan Chishti of UC-29 Mominabad, Makhdom Wajeehuddin of UC-33 Jhulan Araiyan, Muhammad Kashif Laleka of UC-2 Laleka, Ubaid-Ullah Wattoo of UC-23 Muhammadpur Sansaran, Muhammad Akhtar Kamboh of UC-35 Muhammadpur Shahwala, Dr Zafar of UC-11 Macleod Ganj/AhmadPur, Rao Kashifur Rehman of UC-17 Mandi Sadiq Ganj, Muhammad Akhtar Jota of UC-18 Qaimpur Jhangi, Imran Hassan Rehmonka of UC-8 Behramka, Syed Azhar Hassan Shah of UC-6 Motipur, Syed Faraz Mohsin Gillani of UC-30 Mari Mian Sahib, Mian Mazhar Khursheed Akoka of UC-28 Sanateka, Pir Jahangir Bodla of UC-39 Sawaiwala and councillors Liaquat Khokhar from ward-6 and Arshad Joyia from ward-11.