RAWALPINDI: Customs Court has reserved judgment on super model Ayyan Ali petition in connection with her acquittal in currency smuggling case and adjourned the hearing till November, 6.

The accused Ayyan Ali along with her counsel Sardar Latif Khosa appeared before judge Rana Aftab Ahmad of customs court Wednesday during the hearing of currency smuggling case.

Farhad Nawaz Lodhi appeared on behalf of Customs authorities while Amin Feeroze Lodhi represented Customs Intelligence.

Farhad Nawaz Lodhi while arguing on petition for acquittal told the court that if Ayyan Ali was carrying more than 10000 dollars with her then she should have declared it through her passport. Investigation team wants to know that where did the money come from. Ayyan Ali gave statement that she obtained 500000 dollars by selling land and she had kept the remaining 6800 dollars for her expenses. The accused Ayyan Ali had stated that she wanted to give this amount to her brother. If it is accepted then it means that she was flying to Dubai empty handed. There is contradiction in the statements of Ayyan Ali , her brother and property dealer.

The court warned that lawyers should speak on the facts of the case while giving arguments.

Sardar Latif Khosa counsel for Ayyan Ali argued her client was born in Dubai in 1993 and that her mother and brother are settled in Dubai. Their home is located in the most expensive tower of the world. There is nothing wrong with traveling empty handed. Ayyan Ali is source of pride for Pakistan in the world of modeling. 41 show business magazines of the world flashed her picture on the front page and declared her a budding model of Asia.

The lawyers of both sides completed their arguments on petition for acquittal of Ayyan Ali . The court while reserving judgment on this count adjourned the hearing of the case till November, 6.