The PML-Q said that, before the local bodies elections, it had complained to the Election Commission of Pakistan that the police and district administrations were engaged in pre-poll rigging but the ECP turned a deaf ear to our hue and cry.

As a result, even the votes of dead people were cast by the PML-N activists, said PML-Q central leader Pervaiz Elahi while he was talking to the media in Gujrat.

He also alleged that the polling staff kept on stamping the ballot papers in favour of government-backed candidates while the police on duty outside the polling stations safeguarded the illegal practice. When the PML-Q stalwart was asked why he did not protest, he replied that the whole nation would have seen on television screens how brutally the police tortured those who protested against the illegal acts at UC-11 polling station. He went on to say that the PML-N leadership not only broke the records of rigging but also sabotaged the entire system of devolution of power and distribution of funds at the grassroots level under the amended Local Bodies Act.

He maintained that his party had gained majority in tehsil Gujrat, Kunjah and Talagung towns by foiling all the government’s arrangements for rigging.