LAHORE - Flaws in the scrutiny by the political parties and election panel have come to spotlight after the election of a dacoit as councilor on the PML-N ticket has been annulled.

Taking a prompt notice and rising to the occasion, the Election Commission has suspended election of Tahir Naveed and the PML-N dismembered him in party and begun inquiry into the fact how a dacoit and mobile snatcher made his way to the party.

On the directives of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif an exercise to screen out such other elements in the elected lots of the party men in the local governments election has been launched. Tahir Naveed secured 328 votes on the General Councilor seat from UC-124 ward 6 of the City. He was booked by PS Factory Area on the charges of looting Rs15lakh on gun point besides enjoying the spree of mobile sets snatching.

The seat he secured may not be much important but the process he managed to pass through successfully is significant to bring us home the fact how the criminal minded have become adept to circumvent law and the claimed water tight scrutiny of the candidate at the level of the PML-N.

It is also surprising that no objection was raised at the time his nomination papers were being looked into by the EC. The Commission in this episode is much less guilty than the political side as it indulges into only that material that is produced against a candidate before it although it has power to learn about the candidates from its own sources as well.

However if this UC level shortcoming by a major political party is measured at the provincial level where thousands of candidates aspire for the ticket, a doubt strikes the mind that some others may also be of the same dubious character who managed to take political shelter through deceit.

To judge credentials and abilities of the candidates, the PML-N had set up three-tier system from office bearers at the local level to the legislators at the head of the central command.

Not that but the party had also set a yardstick to see the candidates fitting in that. Despite this foolproof and robust mechanism a person wanted by police in dacoity case sneaked in the party ranks is surprising. The good aspect of the matter is the party took immediate action.

On contact, PML-N City President Pervez Malik felt sorry for it and explained that Tahir in fact originally belonged to the PTI and he was awarded party ticket when murder to two candidates forced him to come to our side and we acknowledged him after a Masjid Committee gave us in black white about sound character and uprightness of this person.

To a question, he said, Tahir is the exclusive case and no other of this type has been detected in the elected LB lots of the party.

LG polls result expected in two days: The official results for the first phase of local bodies’ polls likely to be announced in two days, Punjab Election Commissioner Masood Malik said yesterday.

He said the results for the first phase of the local bodies’ polls are under the compiling process and hoped the same are expected to be announced in two days