Aftab Sherpao has said that Kalabagh dam is a dead horse, he obviously does not know that most of KPK is 100 to 150 meters above the level of river Indus and hence cannot get Indus water by means of a barrage like the rest of the country can.

The Water Accord had apportioned 14% share for KPK in all future dams but it is presently getting only 5% through a narrow tunnel from the Tarbela reservoir which feeds the Pehur canal, KPK can get its remaining 9% only if the level of the Indus river is raised by building a dam at Kalabagh, to provide gravity flow through a right bank canal to irrigate 8 lakh acres in D I Khan and Bannu districts.

5% is all that KPK will ever get, it will not get any water from Bhasha dam or any other dam on the Indus. The water from all future dams on the Indus will bypass KPK and north Punjab and flow down to Sindh except for what little south Punjab is taking through the CJ and TP link canals.

Aftab Sherpao should worry less about Kalabagh dam being a dead horse and more about KPK becoming a barren province with no prospects of getting any water additional to what it is getting now, for all times to come.


Lahore, October 6.