Sports and games are meant to neutralize tensions between two countries and bring them closer. But what’s the point of such games which escalate the already strained relations after having already failed to provide much needed security.

Terrorism has no borders nor does it confine to some boundaries. If security threats to former T20 champions are high in Maharashtra then how can BCCI guarantee safety in other venues where tournament is going to be held? Despite playing the cards of Kashmir and Mumbai attacks, I feel that the democratic champion and self-avowed secular state needs to move a step forward and show some generosity in checking the loopholes present in security measures.

Undoubtedly, India and Pakistan will always be archrivals, particularly in the cricket field which seems more like a battlefield where cricket is not just a competition with a bat and ball but with national arsenals and patriotic spirit. I believe that Indo- Pak cricket match is always war minus the weapons. It is hard for hardcore Pakistani cricket fans to watch a tournament in which their national team does not feature.

Cricket, for an average Pakistani, has always been an adrenaline propeller. But Shiv Sena has made it clear that they won’t let the Pakistani team come to India. The party has always acted in ways that sabotage any peace efforts between the two nations, and promoted hatred against Muslims.

The true color of the self-proclaimed democracy came to the surface when PCB officials including chairman Shahryar Khan and Najam Sethi; former players Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar; and umpire Aleem Dar were forced to leave India following the storming of the extremist political party into BCCI headquarter where PCB and BCCI officials were supposed to meet. What a classic example of intolerance.

If legendary umpire Aleem Dar, is not safe in a neighboring country then we shouldn’t expect anything better for the Pakistani team.

Advising Pakistan to keep away from Nagpur and Mumbai and ensuring security at other venues is not the solution of the problem. What we ask is foolproof security or the tournament should be moved to some other venue keeping in view the threats hurled by Shiv Sena. In the same regard, PCB must boycott the World Cup unless it is moved to some neutral venue or sufficient security measures are ensured.

It is high time ICC played a neutral part and moved the World T20 to some other venue where reliable security arrangements are made. After all, it’s an ICC event, not a domestic league of India where security and gambling does not hold much importance.