The Punjab secretary health has suspended the medical superintendent of Govt Sardar Begum Memorial Teaching Hospital Sialkot from service due to his poor performance and failure to ensure healthcare at the hospital.

Secretary Jawad Rafiq Malik suspended Dr Abid Karim on the recommendations sent to him by Sialkot DCO Dr Asif Tufail. The DCO said that Dr Karim had been suspended from service with immediate effect due to his continuous bad performance in hospital management. He had been miserably failed in controlling the hospital management affairs and remaining unable to address the growing complaints of the indoor and outdoor patients, he added.

The DCO also visited Govt Sardar Begum Memorial DHQ/Teaching Hospital Sialkot and found all the doctors absent from their duties there. He expressed grave concern over the absence of the all the doctors and ordered a strict departmental probe against them. He appointed EDO (Health) Sialkot Dr. Javaid Warraich as an inquiry officer. The district officer ordered early rectification of the X-ray plant, which had been lying out of order and unattended at Trauma Centre Sialkot for last several years.

During his recent visit to the Trauma Centre, the patients had told him that they were forced to go to the nearby private clinics and laboratories for X-rays on very high and unaffordable prices as the Centre’s X-ray machine had been lying out of order.

He had expressed dismay and grave concern over the situation and directed Dr Khalid to ensure early rectification of the X-ray machine.

Most of the doctors serving at Govt Allama Iqbal Memorial DHQ/Teaching Hospital Sialkot had established their own private clinics for the orthopedic, eye, heart patients around the DHQ hospital and preferably refer the patients to their private clinics instead of treating them there at this government health facility, he was told.