Islamabad - The National Commission on Human Development (NCHD) is going to establish the first ever literacy-training institute of Pakistan, a dedicated facility to train literacy teachers and literacy managers to achieve 90 percent literacy rate.

The institute will also develop literacy material as per requirements while post literacy material will also be developed to achieve the target. In a meeting with media persons, Chairperson NCHD Razina Alam Khan briefed the journalists about the establishment, scope and upcoming projects of NCHD.

Razina Alam Khan said that NCHD is going to strike with full strength to achieve sustainable development goals set by Vision 2025 for its programmes to achieve 90 percent literacy rate all over the Pakistan. She further added that NCHD is going to initiate a new project titled ‘Each One Teach One” and activities of the project will be carried out by the volunteers associated with NCHD. “This project will be a milestone to achieve targets of 90% literacy rate in the country.”

The NCHD will also maintain a data bank regarding the statistics of literacy. The data bank management will be responsible to maintain and update literacy data in coordination with individuals and NGOs working in the field of literacy. The NCHD will also initiate project of functional literacy and skill training.

The project of functional literacy will enable the people to read and write as per requirements of society, while skill training project will impart skills as per needs of the market.

For the purpose the NCHD will carry out survey in the country to market need-assessment exercise to develop training modules as per need. While emphasising need for skill training, she said, that illiteracy and poverty move together. “As poverty is the major cause of illiteracy, by promoting skill training NCHD can help in elimination of Poverty.”

Director General NCHD Oriya Maqbool Jan Abbasi also participated in the meeting. He said Pakistan has observed decline in literacy by 2 percent in the year 2015, so NCHD should be strengthened to elevate literacy rate in Pakistan. He further said that it is alarming that 57 million people are illiterate in Pakistan and Pakistan falls at 146th position worldwide.