LAHORE: The PML-N is awaiting the Lahore High Court decision to take decision on the name on Khwaja Ahmad Hassan for the slot of Lord Mayor of the Lahore Metropolitan Corporation.

Sources in the party confide that Khwaja Ahmad Hassan has been given green signal by the PML-N leadership for top position of the city yet no formal announcement has been made so far since case against his eligibility to contest the LB election is pending decision before the Lahore High Court. Sources say the Chief Minister will decide the name of Lord Mayor of the City in either way of the decision although Khwaja Ahmad Hassan, 56 and an Aitchesonian, is highly trusted man of both Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif who also holds weight for them for carrying out the ongoing development schemes in the city, which hitherto are being executed and supervised by the Chief Minister. Sources say the party leadership in this view of the matter, has as yet not embarked on the process of picking up names for the deputy mayors of the City although names of over a dozen hopefuls including former PML-N president Lahore Haji Hanif, Muhammad Mubashir, Arif Hameed Butt, Yasir Ashraf and ex-MPA Haji Allah Rakha are getting currency at the party level. Sources say party is more attentive to the next phase of election in Punjab than selecting names of the deputy mayors. They say the names of this position will be finalized after consultation with City President of the League Muhammad Pervez Malik, the city main legislators

Khwaja Ahmad was elected unopposed from the Lahore UC-107. One Masood Ahmad filed a petition to question his locus standi to contest the election inter alia on the ground that he had served as Vice Chairman Lahore Development Authority so he was civil servant who was required to stay out of this political process for two years after relinquishing the office. Khwaja Hassan argues in defence that he served the office honorary without enjoying any perks and salary as such his service did not fall in the definition of civil servant. The Court has fixed November 11 to further proceed with the matter.

It may be mentioned Khwaja Hassan already served a Lord Mayor city from May 1998 to November 1999 during the second stint of the PML-N government. Khwaja Ahmad Hassan, as reports suggest, is likely to unopposed as Lord Mayor once he gets through the legal battle. Elected Chairman are meeting him while he had met elected local representatives of his lost constituency NA-126 the other day.

Lahore as political powerhouse of the PML-N, transmits the positive impression of the party generally in the country and particularly in Punjab. Even during the worst days of Pervez Musharraf’s military rule, Lahore did not betray the PML-N and won six seats in elections 2002 which were the maximum of its total 16 won all over the country at that time. It was a time when the Sharifs were to Saudi Arabia and local leadership was disarrayed due to NAB-sponsored pressure on it. In the subsequent time when the Sharifs came back before the election 2008, Lahore became invincible and unchallengeable political stronghold of this party.