The orange line is an under construction line of the Lahore Metro. When completed it will connect Raiwind, Multan Road, Mcleod Road, Lahore Junction railway station and the Grand Trunk Road. It will be the country's first mass rapid transit train system. It will be developed and financed by the Chinese government and is a part of the China-Pakistan economic corridor. The corridor will be capable of accommodating two trains running both up and down the track, ferrying up to 30,000 passengers per hour.

Although the construction started early July 2015, the citizens of Lahore have some serious concerns regarding the historical sites; Chauburji, GPO, Shalimar Gardens. A campaign was started by the Lahore Conservation Society under the name of Rasta Badlo . This campaign protests against the violation both the Antiquities Act 1975 & The Special Premises Preservation Ordinance 1985.

The Pylons of the overhead Orange Metro Train are within the Roundabout of Chauburji, when as per law( Antiquities Act . Section 22) a minimum distance of 200 feet has to be observed - Violators face 3 months Imprisonment and a Fine - A Plaque on the monument states the same. The same Law applies to Shalimar Gardens, Gulabi Bagh & Dai Anga's Tomb on GT road.

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