Gwadar is a one of the most of economically viable cities of Balochistan. The warm water sea port of Gwadar city has been awarded the status of Free Trade port and Zone. Every month at least two or three ships loaded with resource containers arrive at the port of Gwadar. Several projects have been signed in among the stakeholders to develop Gwadar port itself but many of the promises made to the city seem far from realisation for various reasons. Gwadar, a potential business hub is currently suffering from basic needs such as water, education, health and security. No improvement in water storage, not even a single additional instalment has been made. In a recent Seminar held at Gwadar PC Hotel, Mr Khurram Shehzad announced a Cadet College for the public of Gwadar but nothing has happened as of yet. Every year on average, two school ceilings collapse and students are forced to study under the sunlight. I request the Minister of Development and Planning Ahsan Iqbal and all stakeholders to take keen interest in the issues of the people as well.


Gwadar, September 30.