A glaring example of personal ego over national interest is of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif not inviting Imran Khan, now a leading opposition leader for talks to find the solution to political instability due to the Panama leaks scandal. If his hands are clean and noting wrong or illegal has been done by him, he can direct the state institutions to investigate. There is no need to form a commission or involve the apex court to decide cases related to allege corruption by the Prime Minister or any other high up public servants or politicians When the moral legitimacy of prime minister is challenged, he should show good statesmanship, because he is prime minister of the country and not only the leader of his political party. Why must the judiciary or the military establishment have to play a role of neutral arbitrary to solve the political instability crisis in the supreme national interest? The people of Pakistan are supreme, not the constitution or parliament or any state institutions and they demand that their Prime Minister should be honest and ameen.


Lahore, October 5.