ISLAMABAD: - Like many other federal cabinet members Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal saw some hidden hand behind the sudden surge in the political activities of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, which he viewed as a prelude to another Dharna (sit-in-III) against the government.

In a tweet on Friday, the minister stated; “IK rallies look part of a plan for Dharna III episode to derail democratic transition through scheduled elections in 2018 just months away.”

Such an alarming message from the ruling PML-N was not new as even incumbent Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had twice said  technocrats’ government would not be acceptable. But he had not explained to the point that who would be conspiring against the government or pushing the things for derailment of incumbent political government.

Former premier Nawaz Sharif was also talking about a conspiracy against him and his government but he too did not given any mention to whom he was referring to or which forces were out to destabilise the government when they themselves ruled out military intervention and are terming the Armed Forces of the country pro-democracy.

Political analysts saw no threat to the incumbent political dispensation and also ruled out any in-house change keeping in view the divergent positions opposition parties had taken especially in the face of unbridgeable differences between the two main opposition parties — PPP and PTI.

On the point of calling early elections and dissolution of assemblies before time they said that the power rests with prime minister as under the Constitution only prime minister is empowered to dissolve assemblies and hold snap polls.

The interior minister, after showing concerns about the whirlwind mass contact campaign in a television programme, came up with another vague remarks that any attempt of imposing Martial Law in the country would lead to the country’s break-up. But in the same breath he said Armed Forces were fully abiding by the constitution and law of the land and would not go for any adventurism. Such remarks leave behind a big question that who would clamp Martial Law in the country.

The political analysts said that actually the uncertainty and confusion engulfing the whole political arena in the country was mainly created by the ruling PML-N because in the given situation when the Sharif family is facing trial in accountability courts smooth sailing would not be in their interest.

The ruling PML-N leadership has turned more frustrated after its failure to woo the support of PPP to get some favourable legislation from the Parliament to get the Sharif family off the hook from stringent accountability process.

Former president and PPPP President Zardari, despite repeated efforts from ruling PML-N, has refused to meet Nawaz Sharif or extend a helping hand to the govt in getting some favourable legislation from the Parliament.

Nawaz Sharif’s remarks against Asif Ali Zardari in a media chat outside the NAB courts fully depict the level of frustration as he was completely disappointed from Zardari. 1People close to Zardari, who Friday morning landed in Federal Capital, are not highlighting his visit to the city.