KASUR-People, especially the housewives are faced with a great ordeal due to unscheduled gas outages which have been conducted in Kasur city and its surroundings since the start of winter.

The gas loadshedding has badly affected routine life of citizens. It has also hit industrial output of the city. During a survey, residents of different areas told this correspondent that they are facing severe problems to carry out their routine life activities due to unscheduled gas outages.

They said that the women at homes are unable to prepare meals. People, therefore, are forced to buy fast foods and other edibles for three time meals. Besides, people have also been deprived of hot water for ablution and bath because of inadequate gas-supply. Traders, on the other hand, are worst victim of the crisis whose business relies on uninterrupted gas supply. People demanded the government look into the matter and address their problems.


The business of illegal housing colonies is on the rise in Kasur district. The Nation's survey report reveals that different housing schemes have surrounded Kasur city. Innocent people are being befooled in the name plots for building houses. The housing colonies, selling plots, are not legal at all.

They lack legal documents and approval for their business. The owners, with the connivance of administration, purchase lands on much low prices. In some cases, they have occupied the lands of poor people. They, thereafter, sell these lands at exorbitant prices. Half of the housing colonies in Kasur district are illegal. These housing schemes are without basic facilities including water, electricity, gas and sewerage system. People demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif take action against the land mafia.


The district police arrested 723 outlaws including 250 proclaimed offenders and 123 court absconders during the previous month, October.

Amongst the arrested proclaimed offenders, 34 belonged to Category-A, according to police. The police recovered 54kg of hashish, 2,095 litres of liquor, nine rifles, 55 guns, 107 pistols, seven revolvers, two carbines, one Kalashnikov and eight magazines. The police also arrested eight dacoits and recovered illegal arms and booty worth Rs3 million from their possession.