Pakistan is a democratic country. But the lack of accountability is giving rise to many problems. The country is being governed by set of corrupt beuorocrats. Officers on higher rank have no interest in helping the public. We need a corruption free system which can uproot the phony policies of government and establish new policies based on the will of people. We have to upgrade the economic system of the country. Lack of accountability can cause many problems. Today we can see that we are in the middle of an economic crisis. This is because of lack of accountability. Let me talk about the reason behind this corruption. Corruption in rife in every part of the country; it can be seen in the high prices of goods and dishonesty of the government towards the people. 

Now the question which arises is how we can overcome this problem of accountability. The government should establish a corruption free department which should eradicate the lack of accountability. And civil servants should be given handsome salaries. 


Turbat, October 21.