ISLAMABAD -  Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani on Friday emphasised the need that all state institutions mend their ways and should play their role within the ambit of the constitution.

“It’s up to the parliament to show the way to others,” he said in his remarks during a debate in the Senate on the state institutions and their role in the scheme of trichotomy of power. “There’s no time to debate over the jurisdictions of state institutions . They will have to start moving in the right direction by themselves.”

Rabbani said that determining the authority of institutions is a very important matter and that all institutions should work within the limits stated in the Constitution. However, he said, merely debating the matter would be of no use and the parliament would have to show the direction to all institutions . “A direction that will be shown by the Senate”, he said.

“When all the institutions are trying to escape accountability, members of the Senate presented themselves for accountability,” he said. Earlier speaking on an adjournment motion, the senators said that parliament should be held supreme as it reflects will of the people.

The members stressed the need for better understanding, coordination and harmony among all state institutions to strengthen democracy and rule of law. Senators said that ideology and teaching of Sufi Saints should be promoted to reject extremist mind set.

Expressing concerns on extremist ideology and access of students to the literature. They said that educational institutions should be strictly monitored to check their activities.

The lawmakers emphasised the need for amending the curriculum to curb extremist tendencies among youth. They also called for providing correct material of history of Pakistan to the students.

Senator Azam Moosakhel said there should be one institution for the accountability of all people. “The country has spent more time under dictatorship and that’s why the parliament is weak,” he noted. “The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) needs to work within its limits and civilians don’t need a certificate of patriotism from Rawalpindi,” he added.

Senator Nisar Mohammad Khan said that in the parliamentary system of government, the executive derives power from the parliament . “It’s a sign of weakness to remain quiet on something that’s wrong,” he added.

Senator Muzaffar Hussain Shah pointed out that the jurisdictions of the state institutions were set by the parliament . However, he added, the parliament had been unable to amend Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution. “The judiciary can’t be held responsible for the parliament not exercising its authority to amend the Constitution,” he maintained.

“The lawmakers have to exercise their authority because the parliament is the mother of all institutions .”

Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM) Senator Nighat Mirza said: “The judiciary takes offence on everything and issues contempt notices but has it thought about its own character?”

“Innocent people are picked up and thrown in jails, and if the judiciary discriminates in providing justice, where should one go for justice?” she asked.

Senator Farhatullah Babar said that terrorism will not end through operations but by changing people’s mindset.

He said that history in Pakistan has been distorted and even Quaid-e-Azam’s diary has not been spared. “Those who hold an opinion that is different from the state’s narrative are arrested,” he added.

He pointed out that the government has failed to provide a progress report on the cyber crime law to the parliament , even though it had committed to providing [a report] every six months when the bill became a law. At this, Rabbani ordered that the report be presented before the Senate.

PML-N’s Senator Pervez Rasheed said that the curriculum cannot be changed unless the state clearly determines its objectives. He demanded that Pakistan’s narrative should be based on the teachings of Qauid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

On this, Senate chairman asked him to persuade the government to correct the ongoing national narrative “Faith, Unity and Discipline with the original one ‘Unity, Faith and Discipline. The House was adjourned till 3.30pm on Monday.