UNESCO has appreciated the good work done for the protection of historical places in Punjab particularly in Lahore. These sentiments are well-received from they come from an organization which is looking after heritage, not just in Pakistan but all over the world.

Protection and preservation of historical sites in the province was discussed in some detail when a delegation of World Heritage Committee of UNESCO headed by UNESCO’s Country Director Vibeke Jensen and Provincial Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

According to the reports, the delegation leader said that the role and performance of the Punjab government regarding conservation of historical and cultural heritage is quite commendable. The Lahore Walled City Authority has been doing a laudable work for the restoration of the old city buildings to their original grandeur and pledged to continue working with the provincial government in this regard in future also as well.

The chief minister told the delegation that the province did not need any financial support but wanted expertise and professional help from the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO. He added that the provincial government will welcome technical support from UNESCO and other friendly countries for the purpose of mutual cooperation between the provincial government and UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee. This will improve things in the future.

Preservation and protection of centuries old historical buildings for now and for the posterity is an important responsibility which the provincial government is performing quite well. It has been lauded and appreciated by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee of UNESCO.


Lahore, October 21.