LAHORE -  PTI leaders aspiring to contest the coming elections will have to pass a ‘test’ to prove their ability to fight the electoral battles with the rival candidates.

A candidate for the National Assembly seat has been tasked to visit his constituency and make 10,000 new party members to qualify for the party ticket. A provincial assembly candidate will have to enlist at least 5,000 new members for the purpose.

According to PTI sources, this exercise will help the party leadership in the final selection of candidates whose scorecard in this regard will also be taken into consideration.

PTI’s coordinator Sohail Zafar Cheema said that apart from assigning tasks to the candidates, party’s district organisations will set up camps in cities and also make use of cell phone apps to make new members ahead of the next general elections. He further said that new members would be issued I-cards with a bar code for computerisation of their membership data.