ISLAMABAD -  Zymal Umer, a 10-year-old Pakistani girl currently in grade five took an eco-friendly initiative, becoming youngest person in the world to own such a business.

Hailing from Sargodha, Zymal was disheartened to see plastic bags lying on the streets of her City and causing pollution.

Talking to private news channel, she said that she always wished to replace plastic bags with something, which may not result in pollution.

Three years ago, she started buying wastepaper from her pocket money and making environment-friendly bags from them.

The fifth-grader started a small business of selling those bags to her relatives and also at fairs. The young entrepreneur donated all her profits to help the poor.

In Nov 2015, Zymal was bestowed with “Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah International Award” for being world's youngest and only Pakistani start up at the International Business Conference.

Her father, Faisal Razzaq Khawaja, feels very proud of her. He said the thing that makes him happy is that her daughter didn’t depend on anyone and took the initiative all by herself.