ISLAMABAD-Capital Development Authority Director Environment Irfan Niazi on Saturday said the CDA is utilising all available resources to further strengthen the status of Islamabad as one of the most clean and green cities. 

Due to the effective Clean and Green Pakistan awareness campaign, the trend of planting saplings is increasing and citizens have started playing their due role, he said while talking to PTV news. Irfan Niazi said that as the capital city, Islamabad is the face of Pakistan, adding that the main purpose of “Clean and Green Islamabad” campaign was to enhance its green cover to make the city environment-friendly. He said that the department is trying its best to transform Islamabad into one of the most modern, clean and green capitals of the world.

He shared the details of the ‘Clean and Green Islamabad’ campaign and said that entire CDA machinery is in action to make the campaign a success.  Director CDA said that the authority is striving hard to increase the green cover and preserve green character of the federal capital, adding that CDA is focusing on planting the indigenous species, especially fruit and flowering trees.

 The green Pakistan Programme is great initiative of PTI govt. We are happy to become part of this campaign under Green Pakistan Programme. He mentioned, the main theme behind this clean and green awareness campaign is to clean streets, green belts, markets and recreational spots, besides inculcating a sense of participation and awareness among the residents for maintaining cleanliness and disposing of the litter in a proper way. All government departments and private sectors are collaborating with each other to make this city more clean and green, he highlighted.

“There are serious environmental problems which are getting worse as the country’s economy expands and the population grows,” he said. “Although the government departments have taken initiatives to stop environmental degradation, stringent concerted efforts are required by both public and private sector to overcome the exacerbating situation by planting maximum trees for a clean and green Pakistan,” he remarked.

He also highlighted that Green Pakistan Programme will be integrated into the Billion Tree Tsunami and emphasized that monitoring of plants was very important for plantation. “We are trying to create awareness about the importance of all types of forests. We encourage citizens to undertake efforts to organize activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting campaigns,” he added. He said, “I am happy to see such active participation of our youth and school children. We need to take this tree plantation movement to a scale that makes our part of the globe a healthier place to live for future generations.”  The natural beauty and its green cover could be preserved and further enhanced if every citizen of the city shows his responsibility, the Director said.