The CJ of Pakistan has launched a campaign to collect donations for construction of Bhasha and Mehmand dams. Pakistan is among those countries that face imminent drought and sever water shortages in a few years and dams are necessary for water preservation to protect life.

Some provincial leaders have raised objection on this step by the CJ saying that judiciary is not allowed to intervene in developmental projects such as construction of dams. They fail to realize that the supreme court of Pakistan is the guardian of basic human rights. One of the basic rights of every individual is the right to live and safety and the SC can intervene in anything that threatens human life or is necessary to protect it.

Water is essential for human survival it is duty of SC court to take any steps necessary to ensure that our future generations would have access to water for survival. If judiciary does not intervene, it may be failing in its duty. Water shortages are becoming worse by the day in Pakistan because of global warming and climate changes. If the government does not take appropriate steps to construct dams for water storage, Pakistan may face worst droughts ever threating life in all forms. It is time that the CMs of all provinces get resolutions passed in their assemblies for immediate construction of dams. It is better to avert an imminent devastation than to repent and run around after the fact. I wish and pray that better sense prevails among our politicians and they serve the state and people than being myopic for petty personal gains.


Islamabad, October 23.