LAHORE - A three-day arts and crafts exhibition organised by Daachi Foundation kicked off at Qasr-e-Noor Community Centre on Saturday.

The exhibition has 150 stalls selling arts and crafts produced by craftsmen from all over Pakistan.

Most people complained that products were overpriced and beyond affordability of ordinary people. To promote country’s cultural heritage stalls of fashion accessories, delicate silver traditional jewellery, phulkari from Hazara and Haripur, stone carving, bags, Hunza shawls, carpets, shoes, truck art goods, handmade puppets, salt lamps and different cuisines were set up at the show.

Allahbachuyo, who was selling clay plots, said: “I learnt the art of making clay pots from my forefathers. I am trying my level best to keep this art alive. Events like Daachi exhibition are a step towards the revival of Pakistani culture.”

A stallholder said, “It is always pleasure to set up stalls at Daachi exhibition, as people of Lahore are wonderful. They appreciate and purchase handicrafts and collect different art pieces.”

Daachi Foundation Chairperson Ayesha Noorani said: “This time we have introduced Daachi Sabz Daira, a centre to promote a holistic lifestyle based on the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Daachi Foundation aims to found a sustainable, permanent artisan village in Lahore that will further enhance the cause of protecting Pakistan’s cultural heritage. The groundbreaking of this village will take place by the end of this year.”

She continued: “We have completed the master plan and are working on the drawings. The village will be constructed on sustainable principles and with natural materials available on earth. Early this year we inaugurated Daachi Gidaan, which is promoting our traditional music. The music played at the event was an attempt to revive Pakistani folk and national songs.”