LAHORE - A teen boy armed with knife was shot dead by a Dolphins police patrol in Sabzazar on Saturday, eyewitness said. A police official was also injured in the knife attack.

Police said the “knife-wielding man” was shot in the chest after he attacked policemen.

The man died on the spot, rescue workers said. The deceased was later identified by police as 17-year-old Umair, a local resident. According to the victim family, the youth was suffering from epilepsy.

Many people witnessed the shooting which took place at a crowded market in the afternoon.

Dozens of people, mostly relatives of the shooting victim, took to streets and staged a strong protest demonstration by placing the dead body in the middle of the Bund Road. The protest triggered traffic mess in the busy locality.

Two policemen were arrested and sent to the lockup following the fatal shooting. An official said that the police had launched investigation to probe into the incident.

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar took notice of the incident and ordered the provincial police chief to send back a detailed report of the incident. A police spokesperson said that a high-powered team was investigating the shooting on the orders of IGP Amjad Javed Saleemi.

Police official Ali Syed told reporters that the police patrolling unit opened fire on the knife-wielding man in “self defense.” According to SP Iqbal Town Syed Ali, a police patrol rushed to the spot soon after they received a phone call about the knife attack outside a market near Liaqat Chowk.

A citizen Asmat Ullah contacted the police by phone and informed that a knife-wielding man was attacking passersby. “The man attacked one of the policemen as they arrived at the scene. He also attacked and injured six other people before the police reached the spot,” the officer explained.

 “A policeman, after being stabbed by the man in the chest, opened straight fire on the attacker who immediately fell on the ground and died instantly. The body was later shifted to the morgue for an autopsy.

Eyewitnesses blamed the police for the ruthless killing stating that the knife attacker could have been captured alive. “There were four policemen and they could not capture the boy. Why they fired him the chest and not in the legs,” questioned Waseem Ali, who also joined the protest to condemn the police shooting.

The recently-introduced Dolphins police force had already killed two people in similar shootings in Lahore during this year.

Such straight gunfire has put a question mark on the training and skills of the Dolphins police unit introduced in recent years to fight street criminals.

Footage emerged on the social media last night showed the boy aggressively attacking a police official before he was shot and killed.

According to initial police investigation, “A call was received by a citizen Asmat Ullah who informed the police that an unknown person armed with knife was attacking passersby.”

“When Dolphin squad Sabzazar Teem No 115 reached the spot that person started attacking police officials (with a knife).” “The man had already attacked 6 other citizens with his knife. A cop of Dolphin squad Mubashir was injured when he attacked him.”

“Constable Mubashir received deep injuries near heart and was shifted to Jinnah Hospital in critical condition.” DIG Waqas Nazir said that SP Iqbal Town was directed to present a detailed report of incident.

This incident will be investigated from all angles, he added.