OKARA  -  A Lesco recovery team was beaten and deprived of the money it had recovered from defaulters on Saturday.

The Recovery Officer of Lesco Hujra Shah Moqeem and his staff went to the house of Asif Jamil and asked him to pay Rs27,182 the default bill of electricity. Asif Jamil, Kashif, and their three accomplices started beating the recovery team. They also snatched official documents and the money-recovered from other defaulters-amounting to Rs71,980 from the team. Later, a case was registered at Hujra Shah Moqeem police station.

On the other hand, two farmers were deprived of Rs750,000 by highwaymen. Naveed Ahmed Dogar of Viruwala village near Depalpur and his friend M Aslam received Rs750,000 as their paddy price from Sahib Rice Mills. They returned to Depalpur on a motorcycle when they were intercepted by two armed bike riders. The armed men snatched the money from them and escaped. A case was registered at Okara Saddr police station.