Reports in the media today that the former ruling party PML(N) has boycotted the ongoing budget session of the Punjab Assembly till entry ban on six opposition MPAs imposed by Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi for causing hooliganism and dies order inside the House is rescinded.

Opposition leader in the provincial legislature Hamza Shehbaz led the protest outside the Assembly Chambers and the opposition members did not seem to be in a mood to participate the proceedings of the PA budget session for which they have been elected by the voters, make positive criticism and thus avail their democratic right.

Criticism of the provincial government’s policies and doings is the democratic right of the opposition but this should be done in an orderly manner maintaining decorum of the house without resorting to goondaism and hooliganism in a worst manner and tearing down the agenda of the proceedings on which Hamad and translation and Naat for the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) are duly printed to mark start of the proceedings.

By boycotting the ongoing PA budget session, the opposition members want that the entry ban on 6 of their members should be withdrawn by the Speaker forthwith and thus their hooliganism inside the House be regularised . Opposition leader Hamza Shehbaz instead of asking his party members to behave orderly and nice manner and protest by lambasting the provincial government in their budget speeches from their seats instead of indulging in hooliganism is leading their protest outside the Assembly Chambers.

Such an unruly and uncalled for disorder is least expected from members of the former ruling party and that too inside the Provincial Assembly, if they break the rules of procedure and behave in unruly manner then the law will certainly take its course and this is what the Speaker had done.


Lahore, October 20.