Islamabad - Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani summoned session of the Upper House of the Parliament on Tuesday on a special requisition submitted by opposition parties to discuss terms of foreign loans, possible intervention of Pakistan in Middle East conflict and the increase in gas and electricity prices.

A notification issued by the Senate Secretariat says that the chairman Senate summoned the session on November 6 at 2:30 pm.

As many as 45 senators of opposition parties had recently requisitioned the Senate session to discuss the terms of current loans obtained or being obtained by the present government and all its liabilities being incurred. The requisition had been submitted with the office of Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani as required under Articles 54 (3) and 61 of the Constitution.

 Moved by former leader of the opposition in the Senate, PPP Senator Sherry Rehman, the requisition says, “Given the questions that have arisen from multiple sources on the state of the country’s public finances, and the record of irresponsible unilateralism on raising foreign debt, it is incumbent that the Parliament be taken into confidence on all such matters forthwith”.

The requisition also ask for discussion on Pakistan’s possible intervention in the Middle East conflict, especially Prime Minister Imran Khan’s announcement that the government wanted to play its role in brokering of peace in Yemen. The issue requires public transparency immediately and terms must be shared with parliament, according to the requisition.

The requisition also seeks to discuss government’s recent decision to increase gas and electricity prices, saying this had resulted in an unprecedented economic burden on people.