LAHORE     -   The 10th International Thaap conference concluded on a positive note on the theme of ‘Citizen and the city’. THAAP provided a formal platform where papers were discussed on the theme of “Citizen and the City” and an in-depth dialogue took place between writers, scholars and students.

People from diverse fields and delegates from Australia, China, Germany, Switzerland, India and Pakistan took part in the conference. This multicultural environment supplemented towards having a more productive and constructive discussion.

The conference was divided into eight sessions. The first six sessions took place on the 1st and 2nd November, commencing with the seventh session on the 3rd of November.

The Chief Guest for the closing session Conference was Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmed Khalid, Chairman Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC).

The Guest of Honor was ShaistaPervaiz Malik, Education Expert, and Chairperson SAARC Chambers Women Entrepreneurs Council. The session started off with Ar. Aabidah Shujaat Ali giving a report on the proceedings of the conference which was followed by Prof. Pervaiz Vandal’s discussion on the future plans of THAAP. The Guest of Honor, ShaistaPervaiz addressed the conference with paying tribute to efforts of the Vandals for their efforts in promoting awareness on social and humanistic sciences in the region.

Being an educationist, she threw light on delicate issues of depreciating socio-cultural factors and talked about the importance of mainstreaming the cause of efficient ways to find a balance between contemporary urban demand and the needs of citizens in the region.

Dr. Fazal Ahmed urged the researchers to relate their research with social and economic problems of the country and come up with tangible solutions whether they belong to sciences or arts, humanities or architecture.

The conference was beautifully summed up by Prof. Sajida H. Vandal’s closing address where she also thanked the organizers and the participants of the conference which was followed by distribution of certificates.

The conference of 2019 concluded with a cultural evening showcasing performances by IAC Choir Society and IAC Theatre Society.