Private schools are being considered the best institutions in everywhere, where everyone reads from their bottom of their hearts but, as we glance from 2017 that their fees are being increased at lot where parents are not able to pay the fees like so.

Annual increase in fees will be permitted only under the law, rules till 2019 but is not being so. However, in the beginning of 2017 a number of private educational institutions have been increasing their fees exorbitantly in violation of relevant law/rules. But the regulatory auchorities have turned a blind eye to the plight of students and their parents who have been hard-pressed to meet the ever increasing demands of private educational institutions and are being faced paying the increasing fees.

If they did something in that time they would not face this problem now. On the other hand, 20%and 30% fees have been increased which has brought a problem for parents. So, it is the time to be together and to take a serious action for private schools to take less fees.