The PTI government in the first year has made more foes than friends. The reason for this is the high expectations the PTI set through their tall claims and ambitious manifesto. Unfortunately, the preparations to back up the rhetoric were dismal, leading to failure in meeting expectations of people resulting in doom and gloom mentality among masses.

This has caused frustration among the PTI government too, which is now feeling the brunt of the public wrath. However, instead of making a solid plan and taking the right course of action, the government seems to be in a reactionary mode resorting to blame on past governments, lack of cooperation from bureaucracy, and massive corruption. This constant blame game and scapegoating has created massive gap of trust between the government and the opposition as well as the bureaucracy.

The opposition is suspicious of everything government says and the bureaucracy is wary of taking any action fearing reprisal from frustrated ministers and chief executives. The government is contrivance of human wisdom and its employees emerge from that wisdom, but both differ in how they view things. The PTI government needs to realize that they must have a solid plan, performance standards, and clear vision to set expectations and direction for the government employees. Simply expecting them to fix everything with a magic wand is not fair.

Also, in absence of clear expectations and goals, frequent transfers and suspensions would not achieve anything. Government servants work under the law of the land, not to please politicians. The ministers need to be firm in their goals and expectation, but soft in their behaviors to garner cooperation and trust of the government employees. They should set goals and provide support to the bureaucracy to achieve those targets and if they still fail, they can be held accountable.

However, in absence of clear path, they are going around like headless chickens trying to please angry politicians who have no idea what they want or how that is to be achieved. Overall, it is imperative that ministers and chief executives at federal and provincial levels must work together in an atmosphere of trust to achieve realistic goals set by the government in line with its manifesto and vision.