Okara         -     A senior lawyer, who was former president of Depalpur Tehsil Bar and the cousin of the PML-N MNA Mian Moeen Khan Wattoo, was murdered at his home.  Mian Amjad Wattoo Advocate, the former president of Depalpur Tehsil Bar, was present at home with his father Mian Ali Muhammad Wattoo. His children were staying at Lahore for education. The FIR said that Mian Amjad Wattoo was attacked by five assailants. After hitting him with bricks and strangling him to death the assailants made off with 25 tolas of gold jewelry and a car (LEE-4655). Then they locked the house from outside and escaped. The police registered the FIR No.1065/19 after recovery of the dead body.  District Police Officer Jahanzeb Nazeer Khan, when received the intimation, directed the SHO PS city Depalpur to trace and arrest the culprits. Inspector Malik Tariq Javed to the task as challenge and adopting scientific methods arrested one suspect Saadi, the maid servant of the deceased advocate from village Amli Moti and recovered the car of the advocate. The police had increase the circuit of investigation and expressed home that the other culprits would also be nabbed very soon. Meanwhile, A bike rider was hit to death by a speedy truck. Ramzan of Bahlak  in Faisalabad was coming to Gogera on motorcycle across river Ravi. Near village Fatehpur an oncoming truck hit and ran over Ramzan who died on the spot. A case was registered by the Gogera police. The district police arrested Ali Raza of Gogera with 250 gram charas, Muhammad Tariq of Piracha Moar with 15 liter liquor, Zakir Hussain of Jhakhar cowk with 20 liter liquor, Muhammad Shafiq with of Depalpur with 400 gram charas, Shah Rukh of Haveli Lakha with 18 liter liquor, Mina Bibi w/o Faiz Ahmad of Hujra Shah Moqeem with 280 gram charas, Aiysha alias Robina d/o Muhammad Siddiq with 260 gram charas. Cases were registered accordingly.