ISLAMABAD - As the JUI-F’s two-day deadline for prime minister’s resignation expired on Sunday, Maulana Fazlur Rehman said protest would continue and future course of action would be finalised by the joint opposition after an all parties conference (APC) summoned in this regard on Monday (today).

The JUI-F chief said there was no plan to march towards D-Chowk or Prime Minister House for the time being.

Addressing the gathering of Azadi March on Sunday night, the JUI-F chief said that D-Chowk was quite a small place for such a massive gathering. “D-Chowk is quite small for a gathering like this, while H-9 is an open space,” he said, adding the final decision about the Azadi March would be taken after consultations with all opposition parties.

“Whatever decision we make, we will do so with consensus with all opposition parties,” he added.

The JUI-F chief reiterated that there was no option but to send the incumbent government home. “These rulers will have to go. Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is even more helpless than us,” added Fazl.

It must be noted that Fazlur Rehman on October 31 had given the prime minister a two-day ultimatum to resign. Speaking to the participants of his party’s Azadi March, the JUI-F chief said that his party and the people could not endure this government’s policies so either PM Imran Khan should resign from his post within two days or he will announce a future strategy.

The JUI-F chief said this was not a gathering of any single political party but a gathering of whole nation, adding that the nation had stood against the government on one platform. He further said: “We do not accept results of 2018 general elections.”

Addressing the participants of the Islamabad sit-in, he said that writ of the incumbent government had ended and now “we will run the country”. He said: “We will provide satisfaction and protection to the country.” Fazl asked the government to “step down and don’t test our patience”.

“They are asking us to go and file complaints with the election commission,” he said. “Election Commission is even more helpless than us,” he added. Fazl said that if the election commission was not so helpless, such a large crowd wouldn’t have assembled in Islamabad. “We have decided not to go to any court or election commission,” he said. “Only a parliamentary committee will decide about rigging.”

Fazl said that a case of the PTI’s foreign funding was being heard by the Election Commission for the past five years but no verdict had been given on it. “If it couldn’t decide about the foreign funding case then what decision could the ECP give on other matters,” he wondered.

Fazl said that there was no option but to send the rulers home. “These rulers will have to go,” he said. “You will have to give these people the right to vote.”

Fazl said that presently the entire city had been closed down but he could shut down the country as well. “We will shut down the entire country as well and continue our war,” he said.

Fazl lashed out at Prime Minister Imran, saying that he didn’t need to learn politics from him. “Do you expect this novice to teach us politics? Now people born with a golden spoon in their mouths will teach us politics and that too, the politics of the poor?” he asked.

Fazl issued a stern warning to Prime Minister Imran, saying Azadi March could throw him away. “If this flood decides to move towards the Prime Minister House, no one can dare stop it,” he said. “Imran Khan, listen to me. This movement and flood of people will force you out of the prime minister’s seat.”

Fazl criticised the prime minister and said that it was unfortunate that he was occupying such a coveted seat. “We know about you and your character very well,” he said. “We are also aware of ourselves and our characters.”

Fazl vowed to move forward rather than to retreat in order to achieve his party’s ultimate goals.

JUI-F chief was of the view that incumbent government had no right to rule the country as it was a fake and selected government. He said the prime minister had no other option but to resign.

Fazl said workers in huge number were there demanding that people’s vote must be respected. He claimed that it was the largest and historical gathering of masses for restoration of real democracy.

He further said that all opposition parties had to decide future strategy as it was not a struggle of a single party. So the opposition was supposed to take further steps after consensus, he added.

Talking about the role of state institutions in the country, he said democratic institutions were made unnecessary and masses instead of relying on their votes were looking for someone else for victory or reaching the power corridors.

He said they were there for civil supremacy. Fazl added that government ministers asked them to go to Election Commission and present grievances. He maintained that ruling party was asking everyone for accountability but PTI itself had failed to show its sources of funding in the foreign funding case being heard by the ECP for the last many years. 

He elaborated that the parliamentary committee formed over the poll rigging had failed to hold a single meeting in the past year. He said the ECP could not decide case PTI’s foreign funding case, so how it could take up rigging case.

Fazl said due to pressure from the global powers, the incumbent government was trying to amend articles relating to Namoos-e-Risalat.

He said due to their presence and due to power of masses no one would dare to think about that.

Talking about Madrassa reforms, he said government was trying to end role of Madrassas, however, this dream remain a dream and would not become a reality. Fazl said Madrassas were imparting free education to poor people of Pakistan.

He said Madrassas were teaching peace to people. Fazl claimed that they had defeated attempts to provoke JUI-F workers and act aggressively. He said it was policy of global powers to make Muslim youths aggressive in their thoughts.

He said all institutions including army should not be made controversial by its meddling in the democratic process. He urged that the constitution of Pakistan had drawn a line for every institution and all the institutions must remain within their limits.

Fazl said instead of using foul language their conversation was based on logic. Urging the protesters, he said no one could stop them from moving towards their desired place, but they had to be peaceful as it was their top priority to be peaceful throughout the protest.

Earlier, the JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman had summoned a top party leadership meeting in order to discuss the future strategy and decide about the plans.