Pakistan health officials are reporting more than 3000 typhoid cases in Karachi. Typhoid is a bacterial disease that cause vomiting diarrhea it can lead to high fever typhoid may cause by contaminate water or food, and the illness then spreads to other people in the area. Typhoid fever is rare in industrial countries but continues to be a significant public health issue in developing countries. Due to the fact that Karachi is overly polluted and because of unsolved sewage problem water supplied to Karachi is injurious to our health and so the threat of typhoid is increasing day by day.

A large number of typhoid cases has already registered and nobody knows where it would end. I am requesting to the health officials of Pakistan to put forward certain actions and make feasible solution such as vaccination and supply adequate water to Karachi in order to overcome this viral disease as soon as possible.

Hopefully you will publish this letter in your well reputed newspaper thanking you in anticipation.