In Karachi's Ismail Goth graveyard, a woman's body was found lying outside of her grave early on Monday morning. Her family claims that an unknown has raped the body.

The woman was buried at the graveyard on Saturday night, according to the family of the affected.

Residents of the area called police when they saw the body, and informed the police.

Police are investigating the case, and suspect that the body was taken out of the grave with the intention of rape.

In 2011, a graveyard caretaker from Karachi's Paposh Nagar was arrested and charged with the exhumation and rape of 48 corpses. All 48 of the bodies raped were of women. The suspect admitted to police to his crime.

Necrophilia is regarded as a psychiatric disorder in the United States, but is still a criminal act in Pakistan as it involves the intention of rape and the vandalizing of graves.